Have questions? look no further

Are you just a directory?
Not at all, we have big plans here at Barbershapp but first we need to solve a fundamental problem - connecting Customers with great Barbers & Hairstylists.
We then plan to continuously improve the barbering experience, with style. Whether you're a Customer, Barber or Hairstylist you'll love the features we have on the way.

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! Joining Barbershapp is free, you can create a profile in minutes with our Barber Dashboard and on approval you will be automatically added to our mobile app.

How will customers find my business?
There are many ways Customers will come across your business on Barbershapp. Our app will automatically suggest the closest barbershops to the Customers current location. Customers can also use the built interactive map to search for Barbers & Hairstylists in other areas, or search for a business/barber by name.

It would be great if you added...
Have feedback or suggestions? Great! we would love to hear more.
Drop us an email at [email protected]

Can I download the app on my device?
Barbershapp is currently available for iPhone & Android devices.
Feeling left out? let us know.

I need help!
Having trouble? we're here to help, email us at [email protected]